Maintenance Groom: bath, dry, brush, light trim/tidy & fragrance

Dog size    Appointment duration*    Price from**

Toy            45 minutes                      £18

Small         1 hour                             £22

Medium     1 hour 30 minutes           £33

Large        2 hour                             £43

Giant         3 hours                           £58

Full Groom

Dog Size   Appointment duration*   Price from**

Toy            1 hour                            £20

Small         1 hour 30 minutes          £25

Medium     2 hours 30 minutes        £35

Large        3 hours                          £45

Giant         4 hours                          £60

This includes: bath & dry, brush & comb, clipping/scissoring/hand strip (breed appropriate), clean paw pads, hygiene area, nail trimming, ear cleaning & fragrance.

Puppies- from 12 weeks up to 6 months (must have all injections)

Puppy Groom  Appointment duration*  Price from**

Intro brush & play  45 minutes             Free (one session)

Bath & tidy             1 hour                    £18

Full puppy groom   1 hour 30 mins       £22

Book the puppy pamper pack - 4 x Sessions building up to a full groom on the 4th session for £60. Available from 12 weeks up to 6 months.

Individual Services

Other Grooming services          Appointment duration*     Price from**

Nail clipping only                      15 minutes                       £10

Nails, pad clean & tidy only       20 minutes                      £12

Nails, pads, ears cleaning only  25 minutes                      £15

De-sensitisation sessions             This package will be worked out on a one-to-one basis.


* Appointment duration may vary due to temperament, coat condition etc, however will be a minimum of the time specified. I will contact you when your dog is ready for collection.

**Prices start from and may increase due to the following conditions: temperament, coat condition, severe matting etc, however will be a minimum of the price specified.