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Forest Canine Grooming Terms & Conditions

Cancellations - Please allow 24 hours notice for any cancellations. If there is less than 24 hours notice, I may not be able to refill the slot. If you cancel two appointments in a row a deposit will be required on booking of the third appointment. 

No Shows - If you do not arrive for your appointment, I will unfortunately have to charge you the full price for the missed groom and take a deposit on the booking of your next appointment.

Fleas - If your dog is found to have fleas, I may decline the groom until treated. If the dog has already been admitted and grooming has commenced when fleas are discovered then a flea shampoo will be used at an extra charge of £3, plus a charge of £12 to fumigate the salon. I must do this to prevent them being passed to other dogs.

Pregnant & nursing dogs - I cannot groom pregnant or nursing dogs, unless your veterinarian has specifically requested the dog is to be groomed for its welfare. Prior to your appointment please provide your veterinary contact details so I may discuss the requirements and welfare of the dog with them. I will require written consent before any grooming takes place.

Matting policy - If a dog is in a severely matted condition, it can be very painful for the dog to use normal de-matting techniques therefore, my only option is to clip the fur very close to the skin to remove the matting. I cannot knowingly cause an animal pain under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and more so, would not even consider attempting to use these de-matting techniques on a dog in this condition. I will clip the fur however will not de-mat. Please don't ask me to cause stress and pain to your dog by de-matting as I will have to decline the groom. 

Please be aware that matts can hide many conditions such as fleas, sores, inflammation or worse - self inflicted wounds from irritations. I will take the utmost care when clipping so close to the skin that the groom will take considerably longer. Dogs clipped after matting are much more prone to clipper rash and may display redness or itching soon after the groom. Where appropriate, I will use natural soothing products to help relieve skin sensitivities. All severely matted dogs will be an additional £10 due to the extra time and products required.

I am more than happy to demonstrate coat care and equipment needed to help prevent severe matting in-between grooms and we can discuss and create a grooming plan between us to meet the needs of your dog's coat.

T&C's last updated 12 Nov 2020.

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